East Coast Championships

This past weekend 61 Trojans competed in the 2014 Long Course East Coast Championships held at Dalplex. This summer’s long course championship meet was one of the biggest Nova Scotia has seen, with nearly  400 swimmers in attendance from Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Newfoundland. The meet took place over 4 days with a preliminary session every morning and a finals session every night; it was a busy weekend to say the least! The competition came at an interesting time for the Trojans. While this was the final meet of the year for some swimmers, many Trojans used it as a final rehearsal for the upcoming Canadian Summer National Championships and the Canadian Age Group Championships held later this month in Saskatoon and Winnipeg respectively. Notwithstanding the upcoming meets, the Trojans managed to win the Top Overall Team Banner, an award that recognizes the team with the most combined points.

This weekend the Trojans proved that team work pays off. Over the four day, eight session long meet, the Trojans had 174 swimmers finish in the top 8 scoring a combined total of 4,974 points (1,774 on the Men’s side and 3,200 on the Women’s); nearly double that of the second place team, the Dartmouth Crusaders. Over the course of five relay events the Trojans won a total of 20 relay medals (13 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze). A big congratulations goes out to Hanna Mountford, Madison Archer, Jade Hannah, and Julia Law who set five new Nova Scotia Provincial Records in the 11-12 age group. They set records in the 200m Medley Relay (2:17.20), the 200m Freestyle Relay (2:02.91), the 400m Medley Relay (5:01.58), the 400m Freestyle Relay (4:23.37), and the 800m Freestyle Relay (9:47.07). Congratulations also go out to Sean Berrigan, Tony Liew, David Sharpe, and Geraint Berger who set a new Senior Nova Scotia Provincial Record in the 200m Medley Relay (1:46.35)..

In addition to exceptional team results, the Trojans also managed to win a total of 74 individual medals (36 gold, 19 silver, and 19 bronze), set three new individual Nova Scotia Provincial records and 10 new Trojan records. Some outstanding individual performances from the weekend include Madison Archer who achieved 100% best times in her events, winning 10 gold medals, a silver medal, and setting 6 provincial records, and also Jade Hannah who won 11 gold medals and set 7 new provincial records along the way.  Ethan Boyle, Victor Luu, and Ben Willertz also had great meets and achieved 100% best times for their swims over the weekend.

Thank you to all of the coaches, parents, and volunteers who made this East Coast Championships a meet to remember! We are very proud of each swimmer’s achievements and look forward to building on our success next year. To those swimmers who ended off their season with East Coast Champs, congratulations and enjoy the rest of your summer! Next stop, Summer Nationals in Saskatoon and then on to Age Group Championships in Winnipeg.

Parking Attendants Needed

For those interested in fundraising by acting as a parking attendant at Centennial Pool, please see the following dates requiring volunteers:

July 7/14   6 pm – 7:30 pm
July 8/14   6 pm – 7:30 pm

Please contact Jan Vosman, Parking Coordinator at  janandfrancis@ns.sympatico.ca

Please note volunteers must be 19 years or older.

2014/2015 Online Pre-Registration

Hello HTAC families,
Our Executive Board recently received over 50 responses to our online customer satisfaction survey.  Thank you to everyone who took part, and offered their opinions regarding the Halifax Trojans.  After reviewing all the submissions and sorting through the membership feedback, the board and senior coaching staff felt encouraged to host an online pre-registration for our current members for the 2014/2015 competitive season.
Completing the online early bird form will allow current members of the club to hold their spot for September 2014, and will also allow the HTAC staff to have an idea of the number and names of returning swimmers.  This will enable us to know how much room we have to take on new membership and at what levels we have room to expand.  Then, later this summer we hope to launch a new HTAC website capable of online registration which will be offered first to all current members who have indicated their plans to return through pre-registration.
It is our hope that this early bird registration option will help to alleviate some of the confusion that families reported dealing with this past September, and it will ensure that no current HTAC swimmers are cramped in their training group by new incoming athletes.
To declare your intention to swim with the Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club during the 2014/2015 season please click here.  It will take less than 2 minutes to pre-register your swimmer(s), and upon completion their spot on the team will be secured for the start of next season.
This past season was very successful, and with the help of your feedback we’re hoping to ensure that our success as a club extends well into the future so we can maintain our place as Atlantic Canada’s pre-eminent competitive swimming program.
Thank you,
Aaron Maszko & Ian Cunningham
If the above link is not active, please copy and paste this link into your web browser to pre-register:

Ken Dunn Invitational

Well, we’ve done it again!  The Trojans dominated the Dalplex this weekend at the Ken Dunn Invitational.  The Ken Dunn meet is held every year at the beginning of June, typically located in the middle of hard training for most swimmers.  The meet is long course, meaning it is swum in the Olympic distance of 50 metre lengths versus the short-course distance of 25 metres.  The combination of hard training, lack of rest, and the major summer championships on the horizon all make it very difficult for swimmers to stay focused and step up and race; however, this weekend the Trojans blocked out all distractions and were able to bring their “A” game to the pool.  As a result, we eclipsed the competition scoring a combined total of 6 513 points, almost double the Dartmouth Crusaders who finished in second place. In addition, over the five sessions, the Trojans swam 295 new personal best times and had 150 swimmers place top three in their events.

Although all swimmers were collectively responsible for the success of the weekend, there were a few exceptional individual performances worth note. Over the course of the meet 11 swimmers (Nicole Windsor, Katie Waller, Theresa Short, Carmen Raiche-Marsden, Hanna Mountford, Julia Law, Christina Hare, Jade Hannah, Ainsley Fraser, Ethan Boyle, and Mathieu Bernier) went 100% best times and two swimmers (Colm Somers 800fr and Sarah Polley 50bk) qualified for senior nationals, the most sought after time standard in Canadian swimming.

Some notable swims of the meet include James Cormier and Colm Somers battling it out in the 200IM on Sunday evening, Ryan Webber dropping 3 minutes, 31 seconds in the 1500 free, Mark Roache dropping 19.51 seconds in the 100 fly, Benjamin Rafales-Nordoff  dropping 53.36 seconds in the 800 free, and Jade Hannah blowing the competition away by more than 25 metres in the 400 IM.  Special congratulations also go out to Trojans David Sharpe and Keisha Mills who were respectively named Nova Scotia’s Male and Female Swimmers of the Year.

As the 2014 season pushes on the Trojans will spend the next few weeks in hard training before competing at East Coast Championships in early July, some with their sights set on Senior Nationals and Age Group Championships later in the month.

Junior Provincial’s Wrap Up

On the weekend of May 24th 44 young and upcoming Trojans headed to Shearwater to compete in the Nova Scotia Junior Provincial Championships. With a large batch of recent Nova Tech graduates moving up into the age group program, this weekend served for many swimmers as a first championship meet. Championship meets are much different than Nova Tech meets or other invitationals in that swimmers have an opportunity to race their event again in the evening if they place in the top 6 during the morning heats. Although championship meets can be daunting to new swimmers, all Trojans, both young and old, stepped up and had an exceptional meet.

Over the weekend, the Trojans had 99 swims in the finals and of the 44 competing, 16 HTAC swimmers managed to swim 100% best times (Olin Bailly, McKenzie Baptise-Burns, Sandra Barry, Andrew Barsoum, Julia Connolly, Andre Devine, Julianna Drake, Grace Earle, Alexa El-Hawary, Marielle Godfrey, Erin Jollimore, Mathieu Legare, Shelby MacLennan, Nathan Mendel, Mark Roache, and Bernd Zwanziger)! The Trojans were also a dominant force on the podium in Shearwater, earning 11 gold medals (Samantha Bezanson 200IM, Nicole Braha 100Fr, Julianna Drake 50/200Br, Gizelle Francis 800Fr, Liam Morrison 200Br, Mark Roache 100/200Fly, Derek Ryan 50Br, and Zach Saunders 200/400Fr), 13 silver medals (Nicole Braha 50Fr, Grace Earle 50/200Bk, Erin Jollimore 200IM, Nathan Mendel 100Fly, Liam Morrison 50Br, Mark Roache 50Fly, Zach Saunders 200IM/50Fr, M12&Under 200 medley relay, M13-14 200 medley relay, F12&Under 200 freestyle relay, and M12&Under 200 freestyle relay), and 13 bronze medals (Andrew Barsoum 800Fr, Sandra Barry 200Fly, Bruno Callahan-Cross 50Br, Stefano Di Quinzio 200Bk, Gizelle Francis 200IM/200Fr, Erin Jollimore 50Br/200Br/800Fr, Ethan Langille 50Fr, Nathan Mendel 50Fly, Katie Polley 800Fr, and Zach Saunders 100Fr).

Some notable swims of the meet include Olin Bailly who dropped 26.92 seconds in the 200Fr, Robyn Black who dropped 27.50 seconds in the 200Bk, Andre Devine who dropped 29.29 seconds in the 200Br, Stefano Di Quinzio who dropped 20.75 seconds in the 200Bk, Julianna Drake who had an amazing last 25 metres in the 200Br final, and Samantha Bezanson who had an exceptional back end in the 200IM final. Special congratulations go out to our newest Ken Dunn qualifiers (Samantha Bezanson, Zach Saunders, and Liam Morrison) and to Zach Saunders for making the East Coast qualifying time in his 200IM.

Thank you to all of the coaches, parents, and volunteers who made this meet the success it was. We look forward to carrying the momentum into the summer season starting with the Ken Dunn Invitational next weekend.

Thank You

Thanks to all who helped make this year’s Nike Spring Invitational a success! From the many volunteers who timed or held senior official positions, to the families that contributed to our canteen and officials’ room buffets, to those generous members who gave of their time selling programs, manning the canteen or volunteering in the officials room – we thank you for all your efforts!

It truly takes a team effort to pull an event like this off, especially when sessions are spread across several days!

Special thanks to our team sponsor,  Nike, for the overall support of the weekend and the provision of the very popular bell prizes that really enhanced the excitement at  the Junior Meet!

To Bounty Print…..the programs looked fantastic!!! And to the companies that placed ads in our program, many thanks!

Kelley Polley (Meet Referee), Lydia Bugden and Anthony Germana (Co Meet Managers).

Annual General Meeting – Saturday, June 7, 2014



The Annual General Meeting of the Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club will be held Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at 7:00 am in the Dalplex classroom on the pool deck. This meeting will take place during the warm up for the final team time trial of the season, the meeting will conclude in time for you to watch your swimmer race.

You may wish to arrive early in order to read the reports that will be tabled at the meeting.

All Club members are encouraged to attend.

In accordance with our bylaws, members are defined as:

“Competitive member” – any swimmer who is registered with the Club and Swim Canada, and who is also registered to compete at Swim Nova Scotia sanctioned Winter Season meets.

“Associate member” – any swimmer who is registered with the Club and Swim Canada, but who is not registered to compete at Swim Nova Scotia sanctioned Winter Season meets.

Voting privileges are extended to:
a) any member of the Club who is 18 years of age or older, as of the date of the meeting when the vote is held;
b) the Designated Representative of any member of the Club who is less than 18 years of age as of the date of the meeting when the vote is held;
c) Directors of the Club, other than the person acting as Chair of the meeting;
d) the Chair of the meeting, only for the purposes of breaking a tie.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, June 7th, 2014.

Lydia Bugden & Christopher Smith