Frequently Asked Questions


What do my fees include?

Registration fees cover all coaching costs, pool time, and most in province meet fees (Masters swimmers do not have included meet fees). It also includes Swimming Canada and Swim Nova Scotia fees and memberships, and a swim cap and t-shirt when you register as a new member. Most groups also get a team swimsuit!

Will there be other expenses on top of the membership fees?

Yes - for some groups of swimmers. Registration fees do not include:

  • Costs associated with competing in provincial championship meets (i.e. David Fry and Ken Dunn pool and open water championships)
  • Costs associated with out-of-province swim meets including Easterns, Canadian Junior and Canadian Swimming championships and Canadian Trials, and the Swim Nova Scotia Maine Development Tour. 
  • Registration fees do not include travel, accommodation, food or chaperone expenses. 
  • Fees do not include swim suits or team clothing that may be available in addition to equipment provided at registration. 
  • Swimmers may also be required to have additional equipment (fins, snorkels, kick boards, paddles) depending on their group placement. 
  • There may also be additional costs for team social events and fundraising.

How will my fees be adjusted if my swimmer changes groups?

Swimmers who are qualified to move up a level will do so in January and after March Break. Fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

If my child does not attend meets, do I receive a reduced fee?

HTAC offers programs to help your child progress from being a recreational to a competitive swimmer.  Since we are a competitive team and the registration fees cover meet entry fees and coaching costs for Swim NS meets, reduced fees based on non-attendance of meets is not an option. Only novice swimmers do not compete at Novatech meets but are introduced to meets through the in house test series.

What equipment does my swimmer need and where do I purchase it?

Visit the Equipment page to see what your swimmer is required to have for training and meets, depending on their group placement.  We have a parent equipment volunteer that can be reached at 

We have a partnership with AllTides, an online retailer, who can provide the required equipment. Use TROJAN25 as a discount coupon to get up to 25% off your purchase. 


What level will my child swim at and how will they move through the levels? 

Initial Group Placements 

A swimmer’s initial group placement is determined by coaching staff based on both objective and subjective criteria from last season, an athlete’s best times report, meetings with new families, or performance on an in-water assessment.   We strive to place each swimmer in a group that will give them the best possible chance to reach their goals, and succeed in the coming season.  Factors such as age, peer group, work ethic, attendance and qualification standards will all help to determine the initial group placement. 

Early Season Group Movement 

The first month of the season is a very fluid time for the Trojans.  As training begins it may be apparent that a given swimmer is not in the most appropriate group for their development.  As coaches, we do our best with the initial placements, but it is sometimes difficult to gauge how much a young swimmer will grow over the summer, what their motivation level will be returning for a new season, or what other factors might be at play.  If the coaching staff determines that there is a more appropriate training group for a specific swimmer they may suggest to the athlete and the parents that a move be made early, while swimmers are still adapting to a new season and potentially a new coach.  If you feel your child was placed in the wrong group it is important that you speak to the on deck coach early in the season so that our coaching staff can discuss the situation and determine what is best for each athlete. 

Group Moves 

As swimmers grow, develop their skills and meet their potential, there will eventually be a move into a new training group.  These decisions are made by the coaching staff and are based on both objective and subjective measures.    It is important to note that although some groups have minimum time qualification standards attached to them, a swimmer achieving said time standard is not guaranteed of a group change. Achievement of that standard is merely the first step in the move up process. Factors such as competition performances, qualification standards, training skills, attendance, attitude, work ethic, physical growth and development, maturity, and peer group inclusion will all be considered by the coaches when determining whether a swimmer is ready for a group change. 

Periods for Group Moves 

The competitive season is divided into three logical sessions: September to the December holiday, January to March Break, and March until summer vacation.  We  offer  group placement changes to coincide with these session breaks.  Once our group placements are settled after the initial period of adjustment, swimmers will stay with their assigned group until December, at which point the coaching staff will determine club wide those swimmers who would benefit from a new training environment. Upon return in January, swimmers will join their new group placement.  The second opportunity will be at March Break, where swimmers will then remain in their training group through to the end of the season.  During summer break coaches will discuss group dynamics for the following September, at which point the cycle will begin again. 

For the Trojan Academy, swimmers will be evaluated after each session to determine where they will be in the next session.


How do I sign my swimmer up for a meet?

Go to the event, click on attend/decline. You can also leave notes for the coaches if your swimmer can only swim certain days or has restrictions.

What is Team Travel?

Some meets will take place outside of Halifax or Nova Scotia. Here is what you need to know

Where do I find my child’s swim times?

When your swimmer has completed a meet or time trial, the times can be found on this website

What are the qualifying times for more competitive meets?

Trojans follows the Swim Nova Scotia qualifying time standards located on here on the website.  If you have further questions regarding qualifying times please contact your swimmers coach.

How will I know what events my swimmer is in when they go to a meet?

Your swimmer’s coach will discuss what events your swimmer will be participating in usually a week or two before the meet.  The meet packages are posted on this website under events.


I have received emails from Swimming Canada - why?

All clubs register their athletes with Swimming Canada. Your swimmer's registration must be complete with Swimming Canada in order to get official results from swim meets, as well as on deck insurance and other services. 

Contact our registrar at if you have any questions.