Vision Statement

The Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club will establish itself as a standout club within the Province, Atlantic Region , and Country. This will be achieved through commitments to technical excellence, homogenous teamwork, and a culture that promotes the holistic wellbeing for all its staff and members.

Our club will create a workplace and environment that attracts talent leading to our identity as the best club in Atlantic Canada.

Our club will dedicate itself to the development of the whole person, aiming to develop well-rounded people ready for the challenges of life.

Our club will hold itself accountable to our own standards, creating a culture that understands and works towards what is necessary to achieve this vision.

Who Are We?

  • We are a club that promotes quality over quantity, we will be measured not by the number of strokes we take, but rather how much we get out of each stroke.
  • We are a club who will be relentless in our pursuit for technical mastery.
  • We are a club who leaves no members behind and will be defined by our camaraderie and cohesion.
  • We are a club who produce people.

Who are we?

We are the Halifax Trojans.